You are the light of the world, Jesus says to the disciples in the Sermon on the Mount. You are the light. Each of us, in our particular ways, bears forth the light of Christ into the community as we seek to live out our baptisms. Each of us uniquely reflects glimpses of the living God in the world. Our experiences of worship and the Eucharist nourish us to then go out into the world and to do the work that each of us is called by God to do. The Chapel of the Cross, this parish family, nurtures you on that journey such that you have the boldness, the fortitude, the courage to shine forth with God’s love in the world. You are the light.

-The Reverend Elizabeth Marie Melchionna

The Chapel of the Cross Capital Campaign


We Need To Raise $4 million

So far, we have raised $2.6M towards our goal. But we cannot rest. We cannot dim our light. There is more to be done.

our goals

Carefully Steward

We will first pay loan interest and remaining principal of the loan that secured the work of the A Light on a Hill Campaign

Preserve & Extend Our Musical Heritage

We will purchase, install, and set aside funds for ongoing maintenance for a new or used organ that will support the continued growth and creativity of our music program. We will not make a purchase until we have funds in hand, so no debt will be incurred. 

Enrich & Sustain

Exploring opportunities to engage new and diverse segments of our community remains a priority, and new programs, such as the Royal School of Church Music Program, will be supported by a more modest allocation from our campaign that may be augmented by annual operating funds and future bequests. 

Care For The Church

 We will address critical capital needs and deferred maintenance expenditures in order to ensure that our facilities can continue to meet our needs. And, when our debt is retired, operating funds previously earmarked to service debt will be redirected to provide more reliable maintenance funding year to year. 

share the light

These remarkable spaces are the result of your generosity and commitment to A Light On the Hill Campaign. The campaign provided more than $7.9 million toward the $10 million cost of the new facilities and other building upgrades – with the difference funded through debt. We have the campus we need to move boldly and faithfully into the future.

But we cannot rest. We cannot dim our light. There is more to be done.

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